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Discover the Method Seven

In today’s competitive business world, where Customer Experience (CX) has taken center stage, it is essential to have strategies and methods that help companies stand out and thrive. 

One of the reasons that prompted me to write“Selling more in 7 steps” was precisely the following provide a detailed and strategic guide, especially designed for small and medium-sized companies and professionals, who are looking to increase their sales and improve their relationship with their customers through an enhanced customer experience.

Today I want to introduce you to“The 7 Method” a powerful and accessible methodology that will transform your approach to sales and your relationship with your customers.

But what exactly does “Method 7” mean?

Represents a methodology customer-centric approach that seeks to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through the provision of positive experiences. The number “7” refers to the seven steps necessary to improve sales and customer relationships.

What are the seven steps?

  1. Get to know your target audience better by generating your Buyer Personas to better understand their needs, desires, problems and behaviors  in order to attract them, sell to them and build their loyalty. 
  2. Map your customer “journey to understand what are the most critical moments in the customer relationship. and provide them with memorable relationship experiences.
  3. To plan a correct content strategy. These are the fuel of the entire marketing strategy, not only for attracting prospects, but also for managing their interactions throughout their journey. 
  4. Position your digital assets to be found in search engines.
  5. Have an ad strategy in place to increase your chances of acquisition and conversion. 
  6. Automate your processes. Automatic marketing tools will allow you to carry out this whole process on “autopilot”, with virtually no human intervention.
  7. Measure your results. If you don’t measure, you can’t improve.

Andy Stalman, renowned brand strategist, masterfully summarizes in the foreword of the book that supports this method, why an excellent customer experience is essential for brands and businesses today. Here are five reasons he mentions:

  • Customer loyalty: Customers who have a good experience are more likely to feel connected to a brand and to buy again.
  • Market differentiation: In a highly competitive world, a good customer experience can make the difference between choosing one brand over another.
  • Increased revenue: Happy customers are willing to spend more. A positive customer experience can lead to increased brand loyalty and, therefore, increased sales.
  • Cost reduction: Providing a good customer experience can reduce costs in the long run, as satisfied customers tend to have fewer complaints or service requests.
  • Improved brand reputation: Satisfied customers often leave positive feedback, which can enhance brand image and attract new customers.
In future posts I will provide you with some details of each step so that you can get down to work.
 Find out more at “Selling more in seven steps” . Available in paperback, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

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