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When Technology Meets the Customer: Augmented Reality and its Incredible Impact on Our World

Augmented Reality (AR) is an innovative technology that superimposes digital information in the real world. Unlike virtual reality, which creates a totally artificial environment, AR enhances our actual perception of the real environment.

It works through devices such as smartphones, tablets, or special glasses, which display digital images or information about what we see in the real world. This technology has the potential to transform numerous aspects of our daily lives and is finding increasingly interesting applications in fields such as marketing, education, medicine, and entertainment.

Customer experience and AR

One of the most prominent uses of AR is in customer experience, where it offers unique opportunities to interact with products and services in a deeper and more personalized way. From virtually trying products before buying them to getting interactive technical assistance, AR is redefining how consumers interact with brands and their products.

Different uses of AR
  • Use of Augmented Reality (AR) for remote technical service. An example of this can be used by Salesforce to provide remote technical support, allowing customers to receive help remotely and resolve issues without needing a physical visit.
  • Elimination of Uncertainties in purchasing decisions. An example is the Amazon AR View app that allows you to decorate and design your home using AR.
Amazon AR View
  • Advice and added value through interactive packaging. This makes it possible to improve the customer experience at the point of sale through interactive packaging.
  • “Try Before You Buy” experiences allow you to offer product trial experiences, helping to overcome customer objections in e-commerce, where customers cannot physically evaluate a product before purchasing it, AR can offer a more complete impression of the product. For example, Alain Afflelou’s eyewear trial application allows users to “try on” glasses from its extensive catalog. This not only improves the customer’s pre-purchase experience but also reduces the likelihood of returns.
Salva prueba de gafas Alain Afflelou

What would my hair look like if I dyed it blonde? To do this, nothing could be easier than using another L’Oréal AR application.

L'Oreal Salva AR
  • Self-service support. users can access information using AR for explanations and help with problems or questions.
  • Intelligent maintenance advice and user manuals. In addition to resolving faults, RA can enhance the after-sales experience by providing intelligent advice and interactive user manuals. These AR applications can significantly increase customer satisfaction by facilitating product use and maintenance. You can see an example on how Hyundai uses this functionality
Hyunday AR uso en manuales interactivos
Fuente Hyunday
Where we are now and where AR could evolve to

.Apple’s Apple Vision Pro is one of the most advanced devices integrating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to create immersive and revolutionary experiences. This device allows users to interact with digital content as if it were physically present in their space, offering a new level of integration between the digital and physical worlds. With its innovative design, Apple Vision Pro delivers impactful experiences in entertainment, work, and communication, transforming spaces into personal cinemas, and immersive environments and enabling deeper interactions through spatial FaceTime and other media.

-In this video from Future  Business Tech explores the possible evolution of AR through the use of visual implants that will allow to obtain competitive advantages of human super-vision through the use of different devices such as virtual and augmented reality glasses or lenses. Don’t miss this video, it’s not to be missed.

At this point, concepts such as Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) can indirectly influence the field of AR, especially in applications that require advanced user interaction and access to detailed information. For example, in AR experiences where there is a need to provide contextual information about displayed objects or environments, RAG could enable AR applications to generate richer, more personalized responses or content based on a large database of information. This could significantly improve the interactivity and relevance of content in AR experiences, making them more informative, engaging, and personalized for the user. But this would be enough for another post….

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