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A Year of Breakthroughs: How 2023 Changed the Game in Technology and Marketing

I didn’t want to let the year end without taking stock of the most important events and news in the world of technology.

It is undoubtedly a year that we will all remember for the important advances in generative AI that have disrupted content generation.

The democratization and massive use of Open AI’s ChatGPT, one of the most advanced and widely used LLM (Large Language Model) of Generative AI globally. Just a glance at this infographic showing the degree of adoption of this technology explains how disruptive it is in relation to other technologies. in only two months it reached 100 million enthusiasts, simply incredible.

Adopción ChatGPT

2023 has also been a year in which we have observed multiple geopolitical tensions that have affected cybersecurity such as:

  • The Israel-Hamas conflict: Cyberwarfare intensified with state threat groups launching DDoS attacks and website disruptions.
  • Russia in Ukraine: Russia’s increasing use of hacktivists and cybercriminals.
  • China versus Taiwan: Significant increase in China-led cyber attacks.
  • U.S. Restrictions to China on Chips: New U.S. export restrictions on advanced AI and supercomputer chips. to China, affecting the global semiconductor supply chain.
  • Progress Software MOVEit case: A vulnerability in the MOVEit file transfer software caused security breaches in numerous organizations.
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On the other hand, greater regulatory oversight of large technology companies has become apparent…. One of the most significant ones took place in September when the U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) initiated an antitrust lawsuit against Google, accusing it of illegally maintaining a monopoly in online search through agreements that establish it as the default search technology on various devices, primarily Apple.

This is the largest technology antitrust case since the 1990s against Microsoft. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, was a key witness, warning about the risks of Google’s monopoly profits in the era of AI-driven search. This lawsuit is one of several ongoing cases that could reshape the technology market as regulators step up their fight against anti-competitive practices.

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Notable events we have experienced this year
  • Sam Altman’s departure and return at OpenAI… November woke us up to this resounding weekend soap opera, going from putting OponeAI at risk of continuing to exist to once again spearheading AI globally- I covered this extensively in a post on my blog.”Open AI a year of changes and challenges“.
  • Major layoffs at Amazon and other tech companies.. Earlier this year, Amazon confirmed that it would lay off 18,000 employees, marking the beginning of a series of significant layoffs in the technology industry during 2023. Companies such as Cisco, Meta, Microsoft, Google, IBM, SAP, and Salesforce, among others, carried out massive layoffs. This wave of layoffs was the result of excessive hiring during the pandemic, when demand for remote work technology and e-commerce increased. In 2023, these companies faced declines in revenues.
  • Withdrawal of Adobe’s merger agreement with Figma For $20 billion. Adobe and Figma announced the cancellation of their $20 billion merger in December due to increased regulatory scrutiny. The European Commission and the UK competition authority raised objections, citing possible reductions in competition. The final meeting with the U.S. Department of Justice, where an antitrust case was threatened, was instrumental in canceling the deal. Other major technology acquisitions were completed throughout the year but with concessions to regulators.
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We have also experienced the impact of:
  • Marketing leaders’ adoption of Web3 technologies Companies have begun to more actively explore applications of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs in their marketing strategies, seeking new ways to interact with consumers and create unique brand experiences….
  • The launch of the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset, one of the most advanced devices integrating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to create immersive and revolutionary experiences.
  • The launch of devices such as Rayban and Meta glasses. These combine vision and speech understanding technologies. They can translate foreign languages and generate captions for photos, all without using your hands. Ideal for personalized assistance, these glasses can see and hear the world from the wearer’s perspective, being wearable all day long and allowing full interaction with the environment. They represent a breakthrough in mixed reality devices and AI assistants.
  • Changes in the remote work policies of companies such as Zoom, known for its use during the pandemic for remote work, by sending its employees back to the office in August. Larger companies such as IBM, Meta, and Amazon also implemented similar back-to-office policies, re-evaluating the concept of virtual work. Zoom’s case is particularly ironic, given that its business model is based on telecommuting. This trend indicates a change in corporate leaders’ perspective on the virtual workplace.
  • Concerns about AI and human extinction. A group of academics and technology leaders, including executives from OpenAI, Google, Meta and Microsoft, warned in May about the risk of extinction due to the evolution of AI. The statement suggests that mitigating this risk should be a global priority. Despite competition in the development of generative AI systems, concern is reflected in regulatory measures such as the EU’s AI Act and Biden’s executive order in the US. to oversee the development of AI. Generative AI will have a profound impact on human life and work
Progress has been made in:
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I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year 2024.

A hug!

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