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The best tools to monitor Social Networks

Social media monitoring is essential to any effective digital strategy. In this post I review the most prominent tools, each with unique features that can help you improve your online presence and better understand your audience.

What does Social Media monitoring consist of?

Social network monitoring is characterized by Employ specific applications or tools to observe, select, and understand interactions on these platforms using specific searches and keywords. This process allows companies to discover areas of interest, such as references to their brand or competitors, by evaluating aspects such as the number of conversations, emotional perception, the extent of these, and other relevant factors.

Dedicated tools simplify the identification of these mentions regardless of their location. In addition, many offer the possibility to interact directly with comments and direct messages, avoiding the need to access each of the social network platforms directly.

These tools also allow the monitoring of other digital channels, such as blogs, comparison sites, forums, and other public digital assets.

Some of the most essential tools

Zoho Social

Zoho Social offers comprehensive social media management with the ability to schedule content, monitor mentions, and analyze performance, all integrated with Zoho CRM.

Zoho Social Salvador Vilalta

Buffer Analyze

Known for its simplicity in content scheduling, Buffer Analyze offers detailed analytics to optimize your social content strategies.

Buffer Analyze Salvador Vilalta


Buzzmonitor is a complete platform that allows you to schedule posts, monitor conversations, and analyze performance from a single dashboard. It is one of the tools I have used. Highly recommended even for small and medium-sized companies.

Buzzmonitor Salvador Vilalta


Mention offers real-time monitoring of your brand on the web, with tools to identify influencers and analyze the sentiment of your audience.

Mention Blog Salvador Vilalta

Sprout Social

Sprout Social stands out for its focus on customer relationship management and customer service through social networks, with its Smart Inbox and detailed analytics. This tool has very powerful integrations with CRM systems such as Salesforce.

Sprout Social El Blog de Salvador Vilalta


Meltwater offers a global view with its sentiment analysis, influencer management and media monitoring, ideal for companies looking for deep insights. It is one of the tools I have used.

Meltwater Blog Salvador Vilalta


Differential Characteristics: Synthesio is perfect for global brands with its ability to track conversations across multiple languages and platforms, including forums and blogs..

Synthesio Blog Salvador Vilalta


Differential Characteristics: Brandwatch is an advanced digital intelligence platform that offers a wide range of functionalities for social media monitoring and data analysis.

Brandwatch Blog Salvador Vilalta


Basic Features: Agorapulse combines social network management with monitoring and CRM functionalities, standing out for its unified social inbox.

Agora Pulse el Blog de Salvador Vilalta


Basic Features: Awario focuses on real-time monitoring and identification of trends and conversations relevant to your brand in any language.

Awario Sentiment Blog Salvador Vilalta


Key Features: Keyhole is ideal for tracking campaigns, hashtags, and influencer management, providing detailed analytics on performance and reach.

Keyhole Blog Salvador Vilalta

Emplifi (Socialbakers)

Differential Characteristics: Emplifi offers a complete social media monitoring and management platform, with a strong focus on audience and trend analysis.

Emplify Blog Salvador Vilalta
Fuente: GetApp


Differential Characteristics: YouScan uses artificial intelligence to analyze images and videos, identifying logos and products to offer unique visual insights.

YouScan Blog Salvador Vilalta

Digimind Social

Key Features: Specializing in brand reputation analysis, Digimind Social offers competitive and trend insights with a focus on sentiment analysis.

Digimind Social Analytics Blog Salvador Vilalta


Key Features: BuzzSumo is key to content research, allowing you to discover the most popular topics and monitor trends affecting your industry.

Buzzsumo Blog Salvador Vilalta


Differential Characteristics: Sprinklr provides an enterprise solution for social media customer experience management, with advanced monitoring and listening capabilities. This tool has very powerful integrations with CRM systems such as Salesforce.


Differential Characteristics: Talkwalker offers deep analytics with image and video monitoring, ideal for brands with global tracking and sentiment analysis needs.

Talkwalker Blog Salvador Vilalta

When selecting the right tools for your strategy, consider the specific needs of your brand, the size of your team and your digital marketing goals. With the right support, you’ll be able to not only listen but also act on the conversations that matter, taking your social media strategy to the next level.

Have a good week!

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